Historical Forex Economic Calendar (2007-Present) in CSV Format

Equip yourself with an invaluable tool in the Forex trading world. We have compiled the Forex Economic Calendar, available in CSV format, spans from 2007 to the present, allowing traders to analyze past market responses to economic events. Use this data to refine and optimise your automated trading strategies, ensuring they’re robust and ready for the live market.

Advantages of Our Forex Economic Calendar

Among numerous Forex resources, the economic calendar stands out due to:

  • Comprehensive Historical Data: Access Forex events going back to 2007, ideal for backtesting.
  • Accuracy: Trust in data compiled by industry experts.
  • Timeliness: We ensure our calendar is updated with the latest Forex events daily.
  • Convenience: The CSV format ensures easy integration with various trading tools and platforms.

Backtesting Made Easier

For traders employing automated strategies, historical data is crucial. By backtesting your algorithms against our economic calendar spanning over a decade, you can gain insights into potential market reactions to future events. Such rigorous testing fosters confidence in your strategies, enabling you to navigate the Forex market with more assurance. Why gamble with predictions when you can base decisions on tried and tested data?

Stay Informed and Ready to Act

Whether you’re actively trading or diligently preparing your next move, our economic calendar is an indispensable resource. From gauging historical market movements to anticipating future trends, be equipped with the data you need. Download the Forex Economic Calendar in CSV format now and elevate your trading acumen.

Download the Historical Economic Calendar CSV

Download this week only CSV (Useful for EAs & Indicators to pull upcoming events)

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