Trading Forex With MetaTrader

Welcome to Robots4Forex where you’ll find free expert advisors, indicators and professional expert advisors for MetaTrader. I’ve been researching and developing automated forex trading strategies for over 4 years and have released a number of professional products on, you can view these here.

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MetaTrader is a trading platform used by most Brokers. MetaTrader has its own programming language MQL, allowing us to create our own trading robots called expert advisors and also custom indicators to aid visual trading signals. With the additional benefit of having a VPS system built in allowing expert advisors to be deployed to a virtual server near your brokers’ servers giving the best response time and uptime possible. You can download MetaTrader 5 here, or open a demo account with a broker of your choice and start testing on MetaTrader 4 or 5.

Forex trading is more difficult than it looks, where the majority of new traders lose money in a mostly unpredictable market. Finding good information on trading Forex can be challenging and you’ll find most information out there is misleading or a scam. We offer guidance on how to approach trading and learn from mistakes while minimising loss. You should always back test a strategy using tick data and forward test on a demo account. Only when both are profitable should you start trading with a live account, starting with a small lot size. Even then a successful expert advisor must be monitored for an unexpected performance decrease which is why we implement a way of protected an account from loss by using a percentage account lock which stops the EA from trading under such circumstances, which should be set just under the expected draw down percentage to catch such an issue without exposing the account to an unwanted draw down.

We hope you have the best success with our strategies and expert advisors. Here’s our portfolio – here