Automated MT4 Optimisation With 99.9% Accuracy Forex Tick Data


EvoAI provides access to quality Dukascopy 99.9% accuracy tick data. Export tick data to MT4 with a click of a button. Automate walk forward MT4 optimisation using tick data at a speed not previously possible with multi-threading, taking advantage of all CPU cores and get your optimisations done in a fraction of the time. Advanced report analysis including trade commission and equity draw down to get a more accurate view of expert advisor performance. Combine MT4 reports to analyse multiple strategies & pairs.


EvoAI is free to try with limited download bandwidth (about 300Kbs per pair) and restricted to 12 months of data. The licenses are available from Daytrader-Live which unlocks super-fast tick data download. You can purchase EvoAI here.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is required for the MT4 optimisation functionality, you can download it from a broker like Vantage:


Help Documentation

Help documentation for EvoAI is here.

Screen Shots

History Manager Screen

MT4 Reports Screen

MT4 Optimiser Screen