EvoAI: Your Path to Trading Success


  • FREE to try with the option to licence for super-fast tick data download and unlock restrictions
  • Dukascopy 99.9% accuracy tick data as far back as 2003
  • Multi-threaded MT4 optimisation – Use all CPU cores
  • History data management and fast tick data MT4 export
  • Automated walk forward optimisation
  • Equity draw down report analysis
  • MT4 report combining analysis
  • Minerva Pro Strategy Builder Integration
  • Minerva AI Integration

EvoAI Tick Data Suite is a powerful tool for optimising and analysing your MT4 strategies. With its advanced features and high-quality Dukascopy tick data dating back to 2003, you’ll have everything you need to take your trading to the next level.

One of the best things about EvoAI Tick Data Suite is that it’s free to try, with the option to licence for even faster tick data download and unlock restrictions.

In addition to its impressive tick data capabilities, EvoAI Tick Data Suite also offers multi-threaded MT4 optimisation, allowing you to use all your CPU cores for faster optimisation. And with its history data management and fast tick data MT4 export options, you can easily manage and export your tick data.

EvoAI Tick Data Suite also includes automated walk forward optimisation and advanced report analysis, including equity draw down and trade commission, to give you a more accurate view of your expert advisor’s performance. Plus, you can combine multiple MT4 reports to analyse multiple strategies and pairs.

Overall, EvoAI Tick Data Suite is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that can help you optimise and analyse your MT4 strategies at a speed not previously possible. Don’t miss out – try it for free today!


EvoAI is free to try with limited download bandwidth (about 300Kbs per pair) and restricted to 12 months of data. The licences are available from here or contact us on Telegram which unlocks the software and enables super-fast tick data download. You can purchase EvoAI here.

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is required for the MT4 optimisation functionality, you can download it from a broker like Roboforex:

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Help Documentation

Help documentation for EvoAI is here.

Screen Shots

History Manager Screen

MT4 Reports Screen

MT4 Optimiser Screen