Expert Advisor Back Testing

The most efficient testing process is walk forward back testing which is the process of taking a sample period of say 3-4 years and optimising your expert advisor over the first 25% of this period, then picking the best results and testing over the whole period. This can also be done over more than two stages to reduce the back testing optimisation time to complete the testing when choosing a large period.

Then you take your best settings that produced the best looking results, keeping in mind the ratio between draw down and profit, and forward test on demo accounts. You can use myfxbook to monitor performance and verify that results match your back testing results. Normally demo results show positive or negative results within the first couple of months.

MT5 Back Testing

MT5 does benefit from multi-threaded testing and network farm testing but consumes a lot of memory per CPU thread for long period tick tests.

MT4 Back Testing

MT4 uses a simulated tick algorithm for inner M1 bar price data in its default setup, but tick data can be imported using a third party application or script. EvoAI provides easy access to quality forex tick data with super-fast download and export to MT4. View/Download EvoAI

Installing Expert Advisors

To install an Expert Advisor, open your data folder by selecting “File->Open Data Folder” in MetaTrader. Then add the Expert Advisor file to the “MT4\Experts” folder, then go to MetaTrader and right click on the Expert Advisors category in the navigator and select refresh. Expand the Expert Advisors navigator category if it isn’t already and you should find the Expert Advisor in the list. You can now drag or double click to add it to a chart window, it will also appear in the tester drop down selection.

Back Testing & Optimisation

EvoAI gives you the tools required to back test and optimise expert advisors with automated walk forward optimisation with quality forex tick data. View the help docs for more information on the process. View/Download EvoAI